Act at the first sign of trouble


When you no longer feel equipped to diffuse a situation, Arenas can help. We listen and offer our outside expertise to help you reach a lasting resolution to a conflict. As a preventive measure, we can also intervene to avoid any further escalation.

Arenas consultants exercise the utmost impartiality and confidentiality to help you maintain or reach a mutual agreement and restore harmony in a team or collaboration.

Solve your workplace problems

Want to get to the root of an issue and find a lasting solution? We've helped our clients with the following:

  • Dwindling trust between employees and their superiors
  • Cases of harassment, discrimination, mobbing and malice
  • Difficulties and tensions in the workplace
  • Borderline (grey zone) behaviours
  • Seeing complex professional situations posing human and ethical dilemmas through to resolution
Arenas acts as a person of trust, offering your employees confidential external support. We keep track of situations shared and carefully monitor them, offering potential solutions to line managers (anonymously extracting the problem areas to be solved).

Our method

We work with your team to tackle any friction or disruptions, using the process below.


Analyse & assess

We develop our own tools and models for assessing problem situations and use them to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and learning opportunities.


Act & regulate

We provide you with the listening skills and tools you need to dispel any negative tension and get your business or your relationships back on track.


Adapt & monitor

Depending on your issue and needs, we can be with you every step of the way, so you can be sure your solution will last.


Managers, executives and teams in public and private-sector organisations, multidisciplinary institutions and emergency and rescue services.


Don't let conflict affect team wellbeing and your business as a whole. Take action to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place.

Détails de mains et de feuilles annotées lors d'une séance de travail

We are committed to helping dissect the problem, understanding the root causes and
giving you an effective, long-lasting solution.

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