Building your professional skills


Supporting our customers as they hone their management practices inspires us to create training that is truly tailored to their professional needs and to the management and human resources professions.

In collaboration with experts from a wide range of professional fields, we develop practical training courses and customised materials. These courses provide simple, concrete steps that you can implement in your day to day.

Training rooted in practice

Arenas offers a range of themed training courses to managers, executives and their teams. We also support professional higher-education institutions in French-speaking Switzerland with their human resources programmes.

  • Continued professional development
  • In-house training
  • Training for future professionals
  • One-off practical workshops
  • Detecting and remedying instances of harassment or discrimination
  • Your professional brand: define your values and professional ethics
  • Workplace ethics
  • Protecting yourself against violence as a professional
  • How to make choices and justify and act on them

Benefits of our training

We develop tailor-made training courses based on a specific theme or problem.


All our training courses take an interdisciplinary approach and are often tailor-made with experts from a wide range of professional fields, including business economics, psychology, sociology and law.


Our training courses offer practical, everyday tools that we tailor to your objectives. Our experts work with you to create customised or personalised mechanisms to meet your professional needs.


First, you pinpoint the skillset you want to improve. Then, we encourage you to be bold. To push yourself to build the skills you need to go the extra mile or improve your performance.


Higher education establishments, managers, executives and teams from public and private-sector organisations, multidisciplinary institutions and emergency and rescue services.


Develop your skills and those of your team, build your professional persona, transform your techniques, enhance your services and help the management and human resources sector thrive.

Atelier de transformation de pratiques managériales

At Arenas, we work closely with clients to monitor changing professional needs so we can continually improve and expand our training offer.

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