Our mission

Our customer approached us with a problem: how can we effectively and equitably manage parking penalties in a tourist resort and village? How can we universally and proportionately respect the public good without negative discrimination? Simple!

A tool to aid and justify decision-making

Be got their managers and commanding officer together with members of a local police force to create a decision-support tool in the form of a map.

This easy-to-use map makes it easier for police officers and wardens to make decisions, helping them decide when it would be suitable to issue a fine or to opt for information and prevention measures.

This tool also enables law enforcement officers to explain their decisions to the public.

Représentation graphique d'une carte d'aide à la prise de décision développée pour la Police de Crans-Montana

To create this tool, we organised and led four half-days of interactive training – a total of 16 hours of theoretical input, reflections, ideas sharing and hands-on experimentation with employees. We also spent a day with the commanding officer, visiting surrounding towns to learn about their own specific issues.


interactive training sessions

leading to this practical tool



of theory, shared insights and hands-on experience



from the Crans-Montana Police Force